Au Naturale Cannabis: Organic Is the Only Way to Go

, 12/04/2021

We are committed to the old adage: ‘good in good out.’ In order to make good products, we have to grow the highest quality flower. The only way to do that? Go completely au naturale.

Organic is the best way for companies to produce the most desirable cannabis. It might take a little longer until they fully understand the process, but it’s worth it. Not only because you’re producing a better product for consumers, but it also has less of an environmental impact than other methods. Organically-grown cannabis can’t have any synthetic flavors, preservatives, and colors, but companies must also follow strict guidelines even throughout the growing and manufacturing process as well.

What makes organic cannabis superior to flower grown using more conventional methods? Here are just some of the reasons why organically-grown cannabis is better.

Buds smell and taste better
Flavonoids and terpenes are what give cannabis its smell, taste, and appearance. An organic, holistic approach to growing and manufacturing flower enhances the flavonoids and terpenes that are created, which gives the bud a richer taste and smell. Using natural, high-quality soil allows the plants to absorb more nutrients. This is what results in stronger, healthier, and happier plants.

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More health benefits
The cannabis plant is known for pulling toxins from soil, which is why it’s often used as a soil decontaminant. This poses an obvious problem for medical marijuana users. If cannabis is grown in contaminated soil, these contaminants will likely end up in your bud. Organic growing eliminates this possibility because the healthy, natural soil used in this method removes the dangerous toxins that would otherwise be around the plant from seed to final product.

A cleaner smoke
Weed is labeled as a ‘natural’ drug, but this isn’t entirely true unless it’s grown organically. What makes it natural isn’t that it comes from a plant, but that it’s grown and cultivated in a natural way. Organic growing is completely void of chemicals that can be found in traditional methods, which ensures a cleaner smoke.

Higher potency
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Cannabis is a plant, so it demands certain nutrients to grow. Organic soil and fertilizers provide your flower with increased nutrients, which means you’re getting more from your cannabis plants than other growers. This is good for smell, taste, and appearance, but it’s also good for the potency of the final product.

We want our customers to feel good, both mentally and physically. Our solution: grow the best all-natural cannabis to help you feel like the best version of yourself. We offer an all-natural seed to harvest process that’s done by expert cultivators in a controlled environment. All of our flower is 100% tested and validated.

You want to improve your life, and we want to grow the products that help you meet that objective.

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