Cultivation: Cannabis for the People

, 09/06/2021

At North Star Holdings, Inc., our mission is “cannabis for the people.” We believe everyone should have access to a better choice. Our patients and customers all have unique medical and experience needs that they hope to get from our products, and we can ensure everyone has access to what they want through our ability to grow and cultivate high-quality flower and produce concentrates and edibles.

Currently, we have over 300 strains available in our library of plant genetics. At each one of our Tweedleaf dispensary locations, we cultivate a minimum of 120 strains that offer a variety of benefits to our customers. Part of these benefits include a lower cost-per-gram price because of our large-scale cultivation process. But before we talk about our current process, let’s take it back to the beginning.

In 2015, we took over a cultivation facility in Colorado Springs, CO. This was our first takeover project for a medical marijuana cultivation location. It was a 10,000 square foot space, which I nicknamed “Durango,” that was grossly underperforming in its cannabis flower quality, production, and consistency. We performed some pretty extensive rehabilitation on the facility, and after 18 months, it now produces some of the top-quality cannabis flower on the market, which we use to supply our dispensaries located throughout Colorado.

Let’s take a deeper dive into our cultivation process:

Sungrown Goodness: Outdoor

We own some of the largest licensed cultivation land in Colorado, with over 130 acres that have been approved for growing adult-use and medical cannabis. Through outdoor cultivation, we can take advantage of the amazing natural energy provided by the sun to grow our flower. This land also features greenhouses and hoop houses so that we can grow cannabis outdoors all year long.

Light Deprivation: Greenhouse

We have over 45,000 square feet of greenhouse cultivation space available in our facility located in historic Trinidad, Colorado. This greenhouse has multiple licenses for growing adult-use and medical cannabis flower, processing oil and concentrates, and houses an extraction facility and commercial kitchen to produce our gummy edibles. By using a greenhouse, we can use our light-deprivation natural sunlight rooms in combination with indoor artificial light vegetation to offer the best of both worlds.

Indoor & Artificial Light

Thanks to advancements in technology, growing, and cultivation, our experts are able to grow carefully crafted cannabis in over 130,000 square feet of indoor space across Colorado and Las Vegas. Currently, we can produce 54,000 lbs of flower every year. But by next year, we will be adding an additional 150,000 square feet of indoor cultivation space so that we can achieve an annual production rate of over 100,000 lbs.

To learn more about our cultivation process and how we bring the best quality products to our customers and patients, visit our website today.

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