Don’t Fall for These Marijuana Myths

, 28/04/2021

Medical marijuana has been slowly winning the public over within the last few years. However, there are still people who remain stubborn in their opposition to cannabis and its medicinal, physical, and mental benefits.

But isn’t this always true when something is considered to be ‘controversial’? When people don’t understand something, they fear it. And when they fear it, they continue to believe and spread the misconceptions and false information out there that furthers their stance on the issue.

These misconceptions have caused millions of people to miss out on the medicinal and recreational benefits of legal cannabis. Below are some of the most common myths surrounding medical marijuana intended to scare people and why they are so wrong.

Myth: Marijuana is a gateway drug

It’s true that when an individual uses any drug, they’re more likely to experiment with harder drugs in the future. Marijuana happens to be one of the safest, easiest substances to get into, which is why it’s been bestowed the reputation of ‘gateway drug.’ But researchers disagree. They’ve found that the vast majority of people who use marijuana don’t actually go on to use other illicit drugs, which makes marijuana a ‘terminus drug’ instead. Even more, it’s also being called an ‘exit drug’ for its success with helping people curb their dependence on alcohol and addictive opiates by abating withdrawal symptoms.

Myth: Legalizing marijuana will cause an increase in crime

People who oppose medical and recreational marijuana always use the talking point that legal cannabis will work to increase dangerous, violent crime. But there’s no data that points to this. One study conducted by the National Institutes of Health found that states who passed medical marijuana laws have actually seen a decrease in the number of assault and homicide rates. Given cannabis’ impact of reducing aggression in users, people are less likely to be compelled to commit crimes.

Myth: Marijuana kills brain cells

You’ve heard this before: the more often you smoke or ingest THC, the more brain cells you’ll lose. While cannabis can cause a temporary lapse in short-term memory, multiple studies have shown that it may help your body develop and grow new brain cells. This is great for everyone but even more beneficial for patients who have had strokes, head trauma, or brain injuries. This can even help protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease.

Myth: Marijuana makes you lazy

So, some medical marijuana users might be thinking that this one isn’t entirely false. But let me explain. The reason why this is a myth is because people use the word ‘lazy’ as an insult. Some people want to feel the body high that comes after smoking or ingesting certain products containing indica. This is how they relax after or a long day or get better sleep. They don’t want to leave the comfort of their couch or bed, but this isn’t laziness — it’s beneficial to their overall well-being. Additionally, this isn’t true of all cannabis either. Sativa, for example, is a strain that has the opposite effect. It creates more of a head high, which helps boosts someone’s creativity and energy.

If you’ve been wary in your support of medical marijuana, it’s important to separate the facts from the fiction. Hopefully, this blog has helped debunk some of the medical marijuana myths you’ve heard that have prevented you from reaping the benefits of legal cannabis.

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