Make Customers Feel at Home When They Visit Your Dispensary: Here’s How

, 08/03/2021

As more states continue to legalize medical and recreational cannabis, patients and customers are able to visit dispensaries for the very first time. Is your staff ready to guide them through the process? Are they not only prepared to warmly welcome them into your facility, but also to be patient as they ask a multitude of questions to help them find the right product for their needs?

At North Star Holdings, customer satisfaction is just as much part of our company mission as our dedication to growing, producing, and retailing cannabis across the United States. With multiple medical and recreational stores located throughout Colorado, and with upcoming facilities being developed in Las Vegas, Nevada, and California, it’s important that we continue to improve our budtending training and ensure that all North Star facilities hold their staff to the standard we’ve set for the industry. Customer expectations are a crucial part of the overall experience, after all.

Whether it’s a customer’s first or hundredth trip to your dispensary, here are some things you can do to make customers feel welcome at your dispensary:

Hire the right budtenders
Whenever we procure a new store, our first priority is to make sure we’re hiring the best employees. The right employee isn’t looking for an easy job, they come with an eagerness to develop their skills and grow into an experienced budtender.

The people you hire should be able to read a customer from the second they walk through your doors. They should be chameleons to a customer’s mood. They should have unmatched patience for the times they’ll have to deal with unhappy customers and the wherewithal to not let any difficulties stand in the way of their job performance. But even more importantly, they should be hospitable, honest, and open-minded in order to learn as much as they can about your dispensary, your products, and the industry so they can pass that knowledge onto your customers.

Let your customers create their ideal experience
The people that walk into your dispensary should be the ones shaping their experience, not the other way around. Your staff are there to ensure that customers get the most out of their visit every single time.

Say you have a first-time shopper. They will likely be excited to walk around the store, ask questions, and get insight into all your available products. Your employees should match that enthusiasm to help them find what they’re looking for, and even recommend products they might’ve never considered. On the other hand, some of your customers might need cannabis because they’re struggling with an agonizing medical condition. It’s unlikely these customers will want to be followed around the store and will already know the exact strains they need to buy. Knowing when to be energetic and when to be more calm with customers ensures that each customer gets the experience they’re looking for.

Implement a solid training process
Some of your new employees may have worked in dispensaries before, others might not have any prior experience. Even if your employees come in with a background in the cannabis industry, it’s still important that they not only understand the ins and outs of your unique store, but are also being trained on consumer needs. They need to be able to speak to your specific products, but your store’s success is contingent on their ability to match products based on the needs of your customers.

People want to shop at places where they feel the most comfortable. It’s your job to ensure that every customer that walks through your doors feels at home every time they visit your dispensary.

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