Trained Budtenders, Happier Customers: Tips for Success

, 16/06/2021

A dispensary can (and will) be judged by the customer’s overall retail experience, that includes its location, its reputation in the industry, and the quality and experience of its products. While all three of these factors are critical to a dispensary’s success, there’s one other factor that often gets overlooked: customer service.

You can lease the perfect spot, you can be a top contender among other dispensaries in your area, and you can offer some of the best cannabis on the market, but all of that will be for naught if your budtenders don’t live up to the same standards you’ve set with your other offerings. As the front-facing line of your dispensary, your budtenders play an essential role in the day-to-day operations of your business.

They have to be able to assist first-time customers, and then immediately turn their attention to highly-educated cannabis lovers. Great customer service like this takes practice, but it also relies on excellent training as well. Whether you’re re-training your existing bud-staff or onboarding new budtenders, here are some tips for success that will result in better employees and happier customers.

Product Knowledge

During the interview process, it’s important to reveal a person’s understanding of the cannabis sector so you know what level of experience they have. Your budtenders aren’t only going to need to learn about all of your dispensary’s available products, they also have to be able to articulate its effects to customers as well. Having budtenders read about your products and educating them during training is a good place to start, but allowing them to sample products will give them the ability to speak to customers about them in a more genuine, thorough way.

And this brings up another point. If your dispensary is licensed to cater to both medical marijuana patients and adult-use customers, your budtenders also need to be trained and educated to inquire about someone’s medical ailments so they can point them to the products that will help alleviate and ease their symptoms.


It doesn’t matter how much experience someone has in the cannabis industry, they might not have the compassion required to offer unparalleled customer service to your customers. We call this “The Tweedleaf Experience”.And in this industry, compassion and understanding of your patient and customer’s needs is a must. . The people that walk through your doors could be dealing with a sensitive medical issue or perhaps they’re a newcomer who feels overwhelmed at the thought of navigating your space. No matter who the person is, no one wants to feel like a store employee is disinterested in helping them or judging them about their choices or lack of cannabis knowledge. Training budtenders on compassion ensures every customer feels welcomed, at ease, and comfortable throughout their entire experience at your business.

Dispensary protocols

Every dispensary will have different protocols. So it doesn’t matter if a potential hire comes to you with over a decade of experience, you still need to train them on how your dispensary operates. Tweedleaf provides its Budtenders a transparant training program for Budtenders to progress in the Company. First by satisfying time requirements in the Company and secondly by passing witten tests that include product knowledge, compliance with laws and regulations and compliance with Company SOP’s.  It is also critical they learn about your security measures, how to work your point of sales system, and even something as small as how employees are expected to greet customers when they step inside your building.

At North Star Holdings, our tagline is ‘cannabis for the people’. That doesn’t only mean offering the best cannabis products, it also means offering the best customer service as well. By hiring and training the right budtenders for your dispensary, you are investing in the future of your company. Our brand Tweedleaf is the highest rated brand in Colorado by consumers.

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